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Insight Policing in Loudoun County

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

The National Training and Technical Assistance Center of the DOJ's Bureau of Justice Assistance awarded Loudoun County Virginia Sheriff's Office (LCSO) six Insight Policing classes over the summer. Officers from traffic, investigations, schools, patrol, the Adult Detention Center, along with a handful of civilian employees took Insight Policing: Core Skills to improve their ability to recognize conflict behavior and use it effectively to prevent escalation and facilitate problem solving.

97% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that Insight Policing training provided them with skills that will help them communicate with community members when they are escalated.

100% agreed or strongly agreed that using Insight Policing skills can help them make targeted law enforcement decisions that people find fair.

100% of officers reported that their ability to deescalate challenging encounters improved after taking Insight Policing: Core Skills.

Loudoun County Sheriff's Office supervisors also engaged in Insight Policing classes through Insight for Law Enforcement Leaders.

96% of supervisors reported that their ability to resolve escalating situations with subordinates improved after taking Insight for Law Enforcement Leaders.

We were honored to work with Loudoun County and look forward to a continued partnership.


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