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Insight Policing is a project of the Center for Applied Insight Conflict Resolution (CAICR). Founded by Dr. Megan Price, who co-developed Insight Policing, CAICR empowers strategic problem solving through curiosity. CAICR offers tailored skills training, facilitation and consultation to help professionals overcome challenges and chart productive ways forward.


Insight Policing was developed between 2012 and 2014 in collaboration with the Memphis, TN and Lowell, MA police departments with a grant from the US Department of Justice to bring a conflict perspective to the challenge of retaliatory community violence.

Our work highlighted the conflict that can often animate not just violent crime among community members, but encounters between community and police.

Insight Policing provides actionable skills that position officers to prevent conflict from escalating with community members so they can ensure safety, get to the root of the problem and enforce the law effectively.

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Insight Policing is co-taught by conflict resolution experts and senior law enforcement, offering a unique collaboration that blends discoveries from each field to build a skill-set that officers can put to use right away to solve tense, challenging or escalating interactions with the public and within their organization.


Dr. Megan Price


Dr. Megan Price is the Director of the Center for Applied Insight Conflict Resolution, LLC (CAICR) and founder of Insight Policing: Conflict Resolution for Law Enforcement. Dr. Price is Adjunct Professor at George Mason University and Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University. She holds her PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and focuses on designing reliable, context-based solutions to conflict. Dr. Price is an expert trainer committed to experiential, authentic learning techniques.

Babineau headshot_edited.jpg

Alain Babineau


Alain (Al) Babineau has dedicated 30 years to law enforcement, retiring in 2016 as Staff Sergeant from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). He holds a Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Civil Law from McGill Law Faculty, a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Criminology from University of Ottawa, a B.A. in Legal Studies and a Graduate Diploma in Conflict Resolution from Carleton University. Mr. Babineau is currently the expert on Racial and Social Profiling for the Commissioner Bureau for the fight against racism and systemic discrimination for the city of Montreal. As such, Mr. Babineau’s expertise is commonly solicited by politicians, lawyers, universities, media and the press at all levels.

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Andre Brooks


Detective Andre Brooks has over 34 years of law enforcement experience. Detective Brooks began as a station investigator, but quickly rose through the ranks to homicide detective thanks to his talents solving high-profile, complex cases and an ability to connect with citizens, victims and perpetrators of crime through effective communication. Detective Brooks is equally dedicated to his family; he and his wife, Jami, are the proud parents of two young men in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Michael Delaney .jpg

Michael Delaney 


Detective Michael Delaney is an investigator with 30 years of experience in law enforcement and over 20 years solving high-profile, complex crimes. Detective Delaney has extensive experience training and supervising investigators in multiple areas of investigation, as well as teaching interrogation techniques, courtroom testimony, and tactical surveillance techniques. Currently, Detective Delaney spends his time volunteering to support incarcerated youth and teaching Insight Policing: Conflict Resolution for Law Enforcement.

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Easton McDonald


Major Easton McDonald has served the Loudoun County (VA) Sheriff's Office since 2001. He has served as a School Resource Officer, Community Police Officer, Academy Instructor, Patrol Sergeant, Youth Services 2nd Lieutenant, Office of Emergency Management 1st Lieutenant and Captain. He currently oversees the Operational Support Division. Major McDonald holds a Master's Degree from the University of New Haven and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from Ramapo College of New Jersey. He is a member of the NOBLE, PERF and the IACP. He is a graduate of the  Southern Police Institute Administrative Officers Course, the University of Louisville Police Executive Leadership Graduate Program, and holds a Virginia Sheriffs Institute Certification.

Kim E-N.png

Kim Nelson-Edwards


Detective Kim L. Nelson-Edwards served with the Montclair, NJ police department for 23 years, retiring in 2018. Over the course of her career, Detective Nelson-Edwards has worked in the Community Policing Bureau, served as a Field Training Officer, was the only woman assigned to Montclair’s Motorcycle Unit, and served 17 years as a School Resource Officer at Montclair High School. She works closely with The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), in addition to training Insight Policing: Conflict Resolution for Law Enforcement.

Payne Headshot.jpg

Nancy Payne


Nancy Payne serves on the strategic advisory board to Insight Policing. She supports early-to-mid stage entrepreneurs and organizations to develop as leaders and communicate more effectively about the work they do. She helps build businesses, reputations and programs, especially those driving social impact and changing behaviors. Ms. Payne has worked extensively in strategic communications, global development and peacebuilding. She started her career in broadcast news as a reporter and photographer.  She holds a M.A. from American University’s School of International Service, and a B.A. from the University of Nebraska. She has also taught at Johns Hopkins University and Georgetown University.

LaTriviette Young.png

LaTriviette Ray


Special Agent LaTriviette Ray has over fifteen years of law enforcement experience both locally and federally, including crisis negotiation, community policing and investigations. Special Agent Ray holds a Master’s of Science in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University. She merges her education and law enforcement expertise both in her everyday work and as an instructor for Insight Policing: Conflict Resolution for Law Enforcement.


Sabina Smith


Officer Sabina Smith works as a Senior Bylaw Enforcement Officer in British Columbia, Canada, and has 6 years of prior experience working in local law enforcement. She holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Management, and a Bachelor’s in Justice Studies and Police Foundations. Officer Smith is passionate about creating meaningful interactions between herself and others, and fosters this through the use of conscious curiosity.

You can be an instructor too.

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