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"The Insight Policing training allowed me to look within myself to better understand the 'root' reason for exhibiting certain behavior, after this I was able to utilize the Insight Policing technique to better understand others and their conflict behavior."



Learn to Leverage the Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution to Secure Cooperation Safely

Insight Policing Virtual Training is a 10-hour live virtual skills course using Zoom for up to 12 participants. It includes short lectures, skill-building exercises, class discussion, video, case study, and simulation activities. Divided into 5 2-hr modules, this course is perfect for remote learning.  Its interactive design prepares officers to effectively handle angry, defiant, and non-compliant citizens by using strategic communication and questioning skills rooted in conflict resolution principles. Insight Policing skills empower officers to deescalate conflict, command a scene without the use of force, secure cooperation and compliance in some of the most challenging encounters, and capitalize on their policing skills to make targeted and precise enforcement decisions that maintain safety, hold up in court and that citizens find fair.

Cost: $165

IADLEST CERTIFIED for 10 hrs of in-service credit

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