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IP in American Police Beat and other periodicals

Insight Policing is all about bringing conflict resolution and curiosity to some of law enforcement's most challenging issues. From our regular contributions to American Police Beat to our editorials in other national publications, we've collected articles and news items about Insight Policing and written by Insight Policing instructors that go deeper into what we do. 

American Police Beat - May 2022

Think of de-escalation as conflict resolution
by Megan Price


American Police Beat - January 2022

When rumors start riots
by Megan Price


American Police Beat - June 2021

Strategic curiosity in crisis negotiations
by LaTriviette Young and Megan Price


American Police Beat - October 2021

United we stand, divided we are
by Andre Brooks and Megan Price

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American Police Beat - August 2021

Curiosity may be the most powerful tool on your belt
by Megan Price


Loudoun Now - July 2021

Insight Policing is featured training with Loudoun County VA Sheriff's Office

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American Police Beat - July 2021

How to clinch sources and close cases
by Michael Delaney and Megan Price


American Police Beat - May 2021

Getting through to young people
by Kim Nelson-Edwards and Megan Price

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Blue Line Magazine - August/September 2018

The disconnect with use of force
by Neil Munro

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The Conversation - April 2018

When police use force: 3 essential reads

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The Conversation - July 2015

Could Insight Policing have saved Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray and others?
by Megan Price

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89.3 KPCC Take Two Radio- July 2015

Could Insight Policing have saved black lives?
Interview with Megan Price

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