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COPS Office Approved - IADLEST Certified

Insight Policing is a law enforcement skillset that equips officers to control escalation, get to the root of challenging interactions quickly, and devise targeted solutions that encourage compliance and build trust without the use of force.

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Conflict Resolution Fundamentals

Optimal Organizational Climate

Live Virtual Training

from Anywhere

Take Charge. Get Curious.

Prevent escalation


Build self-awareness

Get voluntary compliance

Reduce Use of Force

Decrease complaints


Stay safe

Build trust

Solve cases

Of officers who have taken Insight Policing courses -

97% agree that Insight Policing training provided them with skills that help them communicate with community members when they are escalated.

94% agree that Insight Policing training helped them develop questioning skills and strategies to understand and deescalate conflict behavior.

100% agree that using Insight Policing skills help them make targeted law enforcement decisions that people find fair.

100% agree that using Insight Policing skills help them have consistently productive interactions with community members.

100% of officers report that their ability to deescalate challenging encounters improved after taking

Insight Policing: Core Skills.

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