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Insight Policing Videos

Insight Policing: The Traffic Stop. This video shows the difference it makes when an officer recognizes conflict behavior and uses Insight Policing skills to understand it. (4:00)

Insight Policing: Using Curiosity to Control Conflict. In this video, an officer talks about how recognizing conflict behavior and getting curious about it can help you engage conflict effectively and safely. (1:42)

Insight Policing: Officer Tony and the Bystander. In this video, Officer Tony feels the effect of being heard and understood by his Sargent and brings that to a effectively control a challenging encounter with a pushy bystander. (6:40)

Insight Policing: The Role Play. After a use of force incident invites a law suit, Officer Jones revisits the scenario and learns from his Captain how getting curious in the face of conflict can help him control escalating situations and control conflict effectively in the moment. (7:59)

How to do Insight: 3 Key Skills. In this video, Dr. Megan Price, Director of the CAICR and developer of Insight Policing, shares the 3 key skills for engaging conflict effectively in the moment. (1:38)

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