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4 take aways from Insight Policing: Core Skills

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

Officer use their Insight Policing skills to resolve conflict, prevent escalation, and solve problems every day.

Here are 4 things they keep in mind:

#1 There's a Pattern to How We Use Our Minds.  Every Action is linked to a Decision which is linked to a Feeling about what we think we Know.

#2 Keep Your Eyes Out for Conflict Behavior. Notice fight, flight, freeze and fawn behaviors. They let us know that someone is Defending against some kind of Threat.

#3 Ask About It! When you notice people's feelings and decisions, ask a curious question! Find out why: What's the threat? Why that defense?

#4 Hear People Out, Even If You Think You Know What They're Going to Say. Use your verifying skills, Reflecting and Paraphrasing, to make people feel heard. When they feel heard, they feel secure, satisfied and relieved. When they feel that way, they're more likely to comply and you're more likely to find the right solution.


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