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Strategic curiosity in crisis negotiations (American Police Beat)

Updated: May 10

When the doctor and his wife came out of the house, I could finally breathe again. For two hours, they’d been held at gunpoint in the breezy foyer of a gilded golf club home. Apparently, the doctor had a receptionist with a vendetta. 

Years earlier, the receptionist gave birth to a son who had developmental difficulties. I never learned exactly what they were, but they clearly concerned and upset the mom so much that she blamed the doctor who delivered him. To get even and hold the doctor accountable, she hatched a plan. She changed her name and got a job as his receptionist, never revealing her previous connection to him or her deep-rooted resentment. She waited five years. And on that steaming summer morning, she decided it was time to make him pay for what she believed he had done to her son. 

Read more in our full article, written by LaTriviette Young and Dr. Megan Price, in American Police Beat.


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