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Insight Policing helps officers build skills to:


Command a scene without the use of force


Engage conflict effectively in the moment of enforcement


Use strategic communication skills for dealing with aggression, resistance and noncompliance


Enhance information gathering and problem solving 


Reduce use of force


Minimize lawsuits


Strengthen community trust


Choose trainers who have experience in the classroom and value communication and trust as a key components of effective policing.


Enroll ambassadors in the 2-day Insight Policing skills course followed by our 40-hour Train-the-Trainer, which will ready them to teach Insight Policing to officers in their agency and beyond.


Let your ambassadors give every officer access to the skills they need to engage conflict effectively in the moment. 


Provide officers the tools they need to overcome conflict in tense encounters helps them be the officers they want to be and deliver the safety and security the community needs.

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